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Horno Street, number 23 bis, slope of the village church - 18519 - PURULLENA . GRANADA | RESERVATIONS TEL. +34 950 340 163 Contact

Immaculate Cave Museum, Purullena

History of cave houses in Purullena. Ethnological museum displays furnishings, farm tools and antique tools. This consists of three caves dug at Cerro de la Inmaculada, hill situated on Purullena. This tour represents different aspects of life in a cave. A trip back in time.

cave museum inmaculada purullena museum cave inmaculada

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Purullena village church of mudejar art century XV

Mudejar work and a single rectangular. It has done a magnificent coffered ceiling in the year 1558 by Baltasar de la Hoya and a signed altarpiece artistic, among others, Dionisio de Avila. The tower, situated at the foot, consists of two sections of brick but the bells, which is crowned by a capital iron Gothic. The main facade has a round arch and cornice.

iglesia purullena
aparicion restauracion frescos iglesia

Guadix city and cathedral.

Guadix is a Spanish municipality in the province of Granada, Andalucia, located on the north side of the Sierra Nevada.

It is worth mentioning the many monuments that make up its architectural physiognomy, most notably the Arab fortress that dominates the town, as well as the cathedral, which overlap different styles, from Gothic to neo-classical which is one of three Spanish cathedrals with Renaissance plan (along with those of Granada and Malaga).

Similarly, in this city, there is a neighborhood formed by troglodyte caves, dug into the clay hills on which it sits. Many of them are inhabited since time immemorial and now many are being rehabilitated and are even becoming tourist accommodations as caves apartment.

guadix plaza palomas

Spa baths in Graena.

This name is known also playful and health complex, owned by the City Council and Graena Cortes, which was completely remodeled in 2005 and has swimming pools, saunas, steam heaters, jet showers and massage rooms.

cortes graena balneario graena balneario

Like resorts elsewhere in the province, the waters of Graena already been used for medical purposes by the Romans and Arabs. Spring to 111 degrees Fahr., 44 degrees Celsius, and are ferruginous, chlorides, sulfates, calcium and magnesium. They are particularly suitable for rheumatologic conditions and processes (arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, nerve, muscle legions), respiratory diseases, dermatological disorders and neuropsychiatric disorders.

graena bath

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Castle palace of La Calahorra.

Impressive castle in the Calahorra (Granada). Listed as a Site of Cultural Interest. Its architecture is Moorish-style exterior design, and type in the palace Renaissance style.

calahorra castle

Timetable: mornings from 10:00 to 13:30 h and afternoon 16:00 to 18:00 h. Wednesdays, admission is free. Price check other days. Guided tour of two hours duration. Prior appointment tel. +34 958 67 70 98 or +34 620 947 343 mobile Mr Antonio.

castle calahorra

La Ragua port mountain in Sierra Nevada.

Located within the Sierra Nevada National Park, but the more unknown, straddling the provinces of Granada and Almeria, Puerto de La Ragua is a natural step between two different regions that have preserved intact despite the passage of the centuries, customs, traditions and lifestyle.

Since its 2000 m. recreation station height of the port mountain of Ragua arrogant dominates the geography that surrounds it from La Alpujarra, the beaches of Almeria, Cabo de Gata, the Sierra de Baza, Cazorla, Segura y las Villas, the plateau of the Marquis, to the peaks snowfall of our National Park.

Activities: Trekking, hiking in summer and winter, orientation, mountain biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing.

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Archery at Purullena archers club.

Rental bows and arrow. Open to the general public. Free shooting instructions. Team competitions. Road Trip. Hiking, picnic area, recreation and cultural asset. Little zoo on the entry. An interesting place to spend the day with friends or family, of interest to the younger members of the house.

archer purullena

Purullena archers club
Benalua road, s/n
18519 Purullena, Granada
Tel.+34 958 690 488
Mobile +34 607 704 598 / 637 463 815

Park Gorafe megalithic dolmens and joint.

The stream of Gor is one natural depression located in a geographical corridor very busy during the prehistoric, tribal boundary between the Levantine and Low Andalucia.

The neolithic peoples who settled here in the early millennium BC V, formed a complex, hierarchical, and a type agropastoral economy. They lived in houses carved into the hillsides or stone buildings with roofs of branches, and buried their dead within a very distinctive buildings: the dolmens. At present there are still 198 of them, being therefore our town which houses the largest concentration of burial mounds of this type throughout the peninsula, and much of Europe.

Reservoir Francisco Abellan prey.

reservoir prey abellan peza

Guadix circuit

Sports competitions motorcycles and cars.

moto guadix circuito guadix

Circuito de Guadix, "Cathedral Motor", was opened on June 3, 2002, that day was celebrated motorcycling championship Andalucia with the presence of triple British Superbike Champion Neil Mckenzie.

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Oil mills San Bonifacio factory.

Located in El Marchal, way Beas de Guadix. Retail and wholesale. Price 15 euro bottle of extra virgin olive oil 5 l. Purullena 3 minutes.

Alhambra de Granada

Alhambra and Generalife, Nazaries Palace, the monumental palaces and gardens. In may also visit the Palace of king Charles V. We recommend visiting the Albaycin district, and the Cathedral of Granada where the Catholic Kings are buried. To enter the complex of the Alhambra is advisable to buy tickets in advance. .
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Science Park of Granada

The Science Park is an interactive museum of over 83,720 square yard, 70,000 m2, located just minutes from the historic center of Granada offers a wide variety of cultural entertainment and science in Europe.

It consists of several pavilions, halls and exhibitions. By its nature makes it a very suitable place to visit for adults and children to learn and discover new knowledge.

Science avenue, s/n.
18006 - Granada - Spain
Tel. +34 958 131 900
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Windows Cave "Cueva de las Ventanas", in Piñar, Granada

The Windows Cave "Cueva de las Ventanas" is considering a Cultural Interesting Asset (BIC) and natural monument of Andalucia. The route is well urbanized and risk-free for any visitor, having no architectural barriers.

It has an ornamental electrical installation allows us to contemplate the landscape underground in all its splendor. At the same time have another emergency that prevents installation of any power outages, ensuring a safe exit. The core temperature is about 55°F, 13°C, and humidity of 100 percent over the year, giving a warm feeling in winter and cool in the warmer months.

The estimated time for travel is about sixty minutes and is especially recommended for schools, for its didactic qualities in units of prehistory, we can see, through full-scale facilities located on the route, the occupation of cave over time, both for the fauna, now extinct, such as by man. Visitors can see well from a den of hyenas to a Neolithic burial, through different models of prehistoric habitat shops.

cueva ventanas pinar

ADDRESS: Cueva de las Ventanas. City council ayuntamiento of Piñar
Mayor Rafael Jimenez Exposito place, 7
18568 Piñar Granada.

Tel: +34 958 394725
Fax.: +34 958 394795
Web: www.piñ

OPENING DATES: Open all year.

Time tables: Morning 10:00 to 13:00 h.
Afternoon 16:00 h. to 19:00 h. PM
Labour days groups every hour.
Non-labour days groups every half hour.

PRICES: from 8 euros (adults) to 4 euros (children)

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Hiking and trekking.

Night clubs, bohemian culture, disco, party in Spain

Only Spain could be home to the epic clubs of Almeria and the endless nights of Granada. There are high-energy bars and clubs all over the country, but especially in the Granada capital and on the Almeria coast. Spain has perfected the beach club, mastered the warehouse club, and satisfied the hungriest of techno enthusiasts with its world-class DJs. If you want to party, Spain is the place.

Partying Spanish Style

Most tourists from all over find that Spain's nightlife is fairly easy to navigate. Unlike Paris, Los Angeles or New York, where the best clubs are hidden from newcomers, Spain has an open and accepting club culture. Especially in vacation towns such as Almeria, dance clubs and bars are all easy to find by casually chatting with the locals.

The nightlife timetable in Spain will throw even the most nocturnal tourists for a loop. Nobody seems to go out or come home at any sort of reasonable hour. Leaving for a club at 1:30 a.m. and coming home at 5:00 is simply the norm, and visitors are expected to adjust or miss all the fun. Everything is shifted so late because of Spain's meal schedule, with lunch in the late afternoon and dinner delayed until 21 or 22:30 h. Naturally, after eating such a late dinner and enjoying some fine Spanish sherry, people don't make it out on the town until well after midnight. The quickest way to adapt to Spain time will be to adopt the Spanish tradition of a midday siesta. A little nap will extend your bedtime well into the morning.