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Guadix region


6 to 9 September 2010 (annual), in Guadix

The city of Guadix and Baza celebrate the Cascamorras festival, festival declarated of National Tourist Interest since June 2006, in honor of Our Lady of Mercy. Dispute between the two cities of centuries-old traditions by the image of Our Lady of Mercy. Considered the best party of Granada and the third of Andalucia.




May 3rd. 2010, Albaycin and Realejo district.

To celebrate the festival, people decorate the city with flower arrangements. From the floral decorations s most striking in the balconies to elaborate monuments of Granada Cruz offers many photo opportunities during this holiday and to appreciate the beauty of nature. In addition, other important elements of this event are the dances and meals tapestries.

cruces mayo en Granada

SAINT MARCOS, in Lugros ( Granada )

April 24th. 2010 to 27th.

The festival is held on days 24, 25, 26 and April 27 of each year in honor of San Marcos, known as the patron of horned animals. Pagan festival known way to be religious in 1830. Preparers these festivals throughout the entreaties are called Sanmarqueros. The most typical and famous these days is the free tasting of the traditional and delicious 'stew San Marcos', which is distributed to all attendees, and eaten in large fonts in tables located in the main square of the village came together and bread.

Another typical and most striking events is the delivery and launch of the 'threads of San Marcos', which are blessed and thrown into the crowd in the town square. According to tradition the aforementioned donuts serve to alleviate the ravages of storms. In the summer, stormy days, was placed in the windows some examples that had saved during the year for this purpose to seek the protection of the saint. It procession of the Virgin of Fatima and St. Mark, which are carried on the shoulders of the streets up to the cross in the cemetery where he blessed the fields and animals, returning later to the Church. Minutes later sanmarqueros appointing the next year that are located on the doorstep of the parish hall, where the faithful go, collect two donuts and leave a donation The cakes are leftovers that are thrown into the air with cries of "viva San Marcos".

Also there are fireworks, horse races, piñatas, championship games, sack races, fireworks finale and fireworks.